How do I cancel my session?

Written by ecadema
Updated over 3 years ago

If you cannot attend a session or do not wish to continue learning with a particular trainer, you can cancel your session(s).

When you cancel, you will either receive a 100% refund, or a 50% refund in the form of ecadema credits.

The amount of the refund depends on the time between your cancelaltion and the session’s start time.

NOTE: If it is more than 24 hours before your session start time, and the session time is no longer convenient but you wish to take this session with this trainer at another time, you should reschedule your session. For help with rescheduling your session, please visit this post.

To cancel your session, please do the following:

1- Login to your Account, find a session you want to cancel and click “Cancel”.
2- A pop-up screen will appear to confirm cancellation.
3- In the pop-up screen, provide your reason for cancelling and click “ Proceed”.

Cancelation Policy
1- If you cancel a session that will start after 24 hours, you shall get 100% refund in ecadema credit.
1- If you cancel a session that will start before 24 hours, you shall get 50% refund in ecadema credit.