How do I set my hourly rates?

Written by ecadema
Updated over 3 years ago

Your hourly rate is total your decision. You always earn 80% of whatever you charge trainees, and a 20% commission is charged by ecadema. You may set your hourly rates from your account page under (Courses I Train).

You will get the chance to put your hourly rate per one hour booked, two hours booked, three hours booked, or four hours booked. For example you may charge $50 in case you are booked for 1 hour, $40 in case your are booked for 2 hours, $30 in case your are booked for 3 hours, and $20 in case your are booked for 4 hours.

The minimum rate per hour as per our policy should not be less than $20 per hour.

If you are a new trainer, you might consider offering a more competitive and lower rate than usual in order to build up your initial community of trainees. Offering a lower rate could help you get trainees and your first ratings/reviews on your trainer profile page faster. You may always increase your rates in the future.

We do recommend an average hourly rate of $30 to $60 per hour but again, it is totally up to you!