I am a new trainer, how does ecadema work?

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How does ecadema work?

1- Write an attractive brief biography about yourself to be recognized by trainees and/or corporates.

2- Trainees can easily buy sessions on your trainer profile page. They have the option to buy 1 session or more. When a trainee books a private session with you, you will be notified with an email from ecadema.

3- Find your sessions under Bookings tab in your account.

4- Start your session at the scheduled time, easily start your session with the click of a button. Once your session is live, your trainee will be able to join and your session can begin.

5- All sessions take place on the ecadema video platform. Google Chrome and Firefox browsers are the two recommended browsers for the ecadema platform.

6- Shortly after your session is completed, you will get paid. ecadema receives a 20% commission, so you will earn 80% of whatever rate you charge. Payments are unlocked at the end of every month. All earnings are visible on your Earnings tab under your account.

I am ready to train! Now what?

1- Before your first session, please familiarize yourself with how to start a session.

2- Conduct an Equipment Check before you give any session to make sure face no technical difficulties during the session. Equipment Check can be found under your Bookings tab in your account.

NOTE: You will not be paid if you do not follow these steps to lead a session. If you lead the session on Skype or another website or platform, you will not be paid for your session and this may lead to deactivating your account on ecadema.

For all other troubleshooting issues, please go here.