What is the ecadema Rules and Code of Conduct?

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Updated over 4 years ago

Policies and Rules

1- ecadema sessions must be given on ecadema using the Platform’s Video. Please contact our team at [email protected] with any issues or concerns.
2- Please be polite and professional when interacting with trainers and trainees.
3- Please refrain from promoting or directing trainees or trainers to competing apps and services.
4- No off-platform communication is permitted. All communication between trainees and trainers must occur through ecadema. This means that the request or sharing of Skype IDs, Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, email, phone numbers, and any other personal contact information is not permitted.
5- Do not recruit trainees or trainers to work or study on other platforms or in other schools.
6- Do not send money to or receive money from ecadema trainees or trainers off-platform.

Trainees’ Code of Conduct

1- Communicate with ecadema trainers and team in a polite and professional manner
ecadema trainers are certified professionals who are here to help you develop, and the ecadema Team is here to assist you. As this is a professional, academic setting, it’s important to treat it as such.

2- Be respectful of your trainer’s time
Remember, there’s a real live human being waiting for you on the other end of the Platform! If you’re going to be late or are unable to attend, please cancel or reschedule your session if needed.

Trainers’ Code of Conduct

1- Be an Ambassador
Maintain a positive attitude about ecadema at all times – this means never making negative or disparaging comments about the platform. Remember, for many trainees, you are the face of ecadema!
2- Be professional, respond quickly
It’s important to consistently ensure that ecadema trainees have a great experience with you as a trainer, so always remember to maintain a high degree of professionalism. Most importantly, make sure to respond quickly to incoming requests and messages from trainees.
3- Attend all sessions and arrive on time
It’s important to maintain a 100% attendance rate and to avoid requesting to reschedule. Of course, unforeseen circumstances do occur, but as a rule, please keep attendance at 100% and keep rescheduling to a minimum.
4- Make every effort to help
New trainees might encounter technical difficulties. Please be patient and help them troubleshoot the issues. If you fail, encourage them to contact ecadema Support Team at [email protected]
5- Provide a reason for any session rescheduling
If you request to reschedule the session, it is required to provide a reason to the trainee and explain why you are making the change in the box provided.

Bannable Offenses

The following actions are not permitted on ecadema and may lead to account deactivation or removal from the platform.
1- Any attempt to send or receive money from ecadema trainers or trainees off-platform;
2- Any attempt to recruit ecadema trainers or trainees to work or study off-platform;
3- Sending to or requesting private contact information from ecadema trainers or trainees;
4- Attending ecadema sessions off of the platform without explicit written permission from ecadema;
5- The use of abusive, offensive language, threats or bullying towards trainers, trainees, or the team of ecadema;
6- Sexual talk, nudity, and/or attempts to use ecadema as a dating site;
7- Fraudulent use of credit cards or other payment methods;
8- Identity fraud and/or falsely posing as a trainee;
9- Money laundering or theft;
10- Spam messaging;
11- Repeatedly asking for free sessions or workshops/courses; and
12- Discussing political views.