What is the technology needed to be a Trainer on ecadema?

Written by ecadema
Updated over 3 years ago

You don’t really need to use any complicated third-party applications to connect with your trainees. Read the following instructions carefully for a better user experience:

1. You need to be using a laptop or PC, trainers will not be able to give sessions form a mobile phone or a tablet;
2. You need to be connected to a reasonably fast stable Wi-Fi connection;
3. Download Google Chrome browser;
4. To share your screen using ecadema video, you must download an extension only accessible using the Google Chrome browser. You do not need the extension or the Google Chrome browser to view a screen your trainee shares with you; and
5. You must have a webcam and a microphone. Headphones are also recommended.

REMEMBER to refresh your browser or ask your trainees to refresh their browsers in case you face technical difficulties in sound or video.