What should I do about negative ratings or reviews?

Written by ecadema
Updated over 4 years ago

We understand that your reputation as a trainer is very important. However, it is also important that trainees and/or corporates receive the best possible experience on ecadema, and it is a trainee’s right to provide a rating and review on your session.

If you believe a trainee’s negative rating is due to a misunderstanding, we encourage you to resolve the issue with the trainee directly. If you and your trainee resolve the issue, you may politely encourage your trainee to email us on [email protected], asking to remove or amend the rating.

Occasionally, trainees might negatively review their session experience due to circumstances outside of your control, such as the trainee’s own audio/video problems. In these instances, please email us on [email protected] to report an issue with the rating. Provide us with detailed insight into the issue before submitting.

Situations that might qualify for a rating to be removed:

1- Your trainee experienced technical difficulties that you were, despite your best efforts, unable to help them fix
2- Your trainee leaves a positive review but, seemingly by accident, selects 1 or 2 stars

Situations that qualify for a rating to be amended:

Trainee reaches out to us, asking for the review to be amended

Situations that do not qualify for a rating to be amended/removed:

1- You do not like the trainee’s review
2- You are unhappy that they rated you less than 5 stars
3- You came late to a session, were unprofessional or impolite, or exhibited other behavior that prompted a low review
4- You “had a bad day”
5- Your trainee was unsatisfied with your session

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].